Postcode-free estate agency: what it means and how we work

Words by

Rex Siney

There’s only one decision as big as selling your house, and that is deciding who you trust to sell it for you. Our pursuit of principled estate agency sets us apart, as does the fact we’re not tied to one locality. Put simply, we’re postcode agnostic, and here’s why.

1. Changing work patterns

The pandemic shifted the way we live and work which has opened up possibilities for change. Working from home has reset priorities and as such, London-based buyers are more amenable to finding the right home, on either side of the river. To take an example, a buyer who started their search in Crouch End ended up buying in Dulwich. Both postcodes are home to open green spaces, are equidistant to central London, and offer a comparably high standard of schools.

2. Property type over postcode

Similarly, the long-term effect of the pandemic is that decisions about property type are more considered. What a property offers outweighs the fastest route to the office. The value put on hybrid spaces, garden offices, and the large proportions of Edwardian period properties is evident in the requests we receive. The switch from location, location, location to thinking about what a property provides opens up a wealth of possibilities for both buyers and owners.

3. The rise of data-led online platforms

With online platforms thriving, the local estate agent is perhaps a thing of the past. Online agents have trumped those with a traditional stronghold over certain patches with their access to massive amounts of data. But often what these platforms bring in data they lack in customer service. There is another way. Brickworks operate online and in person across the capital, and our team have a tried-and-tested formula for representing your home and your local area:

Owners Questionnaire

The questionnaire is designed to give us the lowdown on your property and all its best bits, including the local area. It’s your opportunity to tell us what you think is best about living where you do, and it’s this authentic local insight that gives us the edge.

Brickworks Loves

Every listing you find on our website is accompanied by a dedicated Brickworks Loves section. It includes an interactive map and a write-up about the local area. Although each is area-specific, it notes anything of historical interest, the best in local eateries and bars, and the open spaces and activities you’ll find on your doorstep. Check one out here.

4. Preparing the groundwork

Our viewing team are equipped with a wealth of information in their Preparation Pack, including relevant information about the closest transport links, school catchment areas and nearby amenities. A research trip is arranged prior to the viewing where the team will walk the local area for a true sense of the locality during the day and night, at weekdays and weekends. Our styling team often prepares properties prior to sale and will also feedback their experience about neighbours, parking, and local traffic to strengthen our knowledge.