London calling: 3 of the most searched keywords you should know about and why

Words by

Caroline Watson

Are you a London homeowner looking to sell? Well, you’re in luck, because the homes of us city dwellers came top in U.K. searches at the start of the year. With buyer demand for homes in the capital returning, here are the three top searched terms and how they can help you to prepare your home for selling.

1. Garden and outdoor space

Even before the pandemic in 2018, ‘garden’ was right up there with the top searched keywords. The pandemic only served to remind us how important outdoor space is, especially in urban areas, so now more than ever, greenery matters.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a garden in the city, make the most of that space, nurture it, and illustrate how it can be used in a multi-functional way for work calls, lazy family days or socialising with friends. Ensuring key, dual purpose items are on show will help sell.

And if you don’t have a garden, don’t fret, just be sure to highlight foliage in another way, with a reading area and indoor plants, a budding balcony area or the front of the house in bloom with potted plants.

2. Hybrid living: the search is on for an annexe or garage

A keyword that didn’t appear in 2018, the ‘annexe’ has fast become the third-most searched term with 'garage' a close second, thanks to our new ways of living and working. A better work-life balance has led to buyers looking to repurpose these spaces to accommodate working, studying and exercising. If you legitimately have these spaces you’re already winning but if you don’t, there’s no need to despair.

With some simple low cost alterations you can adapt the space you have to demonstrate how your property could serve multi-functions. There is a move away from open-plan layouts so consider zoning an area of the house to create a purposeful office space. Or, if you have a budget for presale renovations then consider using some external space to build an office or studio.

3. The trilogy: schools, transport and local amenities

There’s nothing new in discovering that good local schools, access to local shops and good transport links is considered the ultimate trilogy. With these terms still in the top searches of 2022, if you’re moving from somewhere that ticks these boxes you should find it easy to sell.

However, if they’re just a little out of reach then play on the convenience of how close by they are. Highlight a safe space to store bikes, easy access to parking and celebrate other benefits such as open spaces and local small business and eateries.