With Brickworks. Why the change?

Words by

Rex Siney

If you follow us on social media or pay close attention to our website, you might've noticed a shift. Where once our domain was Brickworks London, it's now With Brickworks. Why the change?

When we started the agency in 2014, it was natural for us to begin where we lived. I grew up in North London, attending the King Alfred School in Golders Green, and cut my teeth at various London-based estate agencies, including The Modern House. Ellie was born and raised in Brighton but had been in London for years, studying at Central St. Martins and then teaching at Chelsea College of Art.

Our aim was simple: to provide a genuine alternative to the prevailing target-driven approach to selling homes. We called ourselves The Ethical Estate Agency because we wanted people to know our approach wasn't skin deep. Yes, we aspired to produce beautiful photography and well-written literature, but we wanted to be political and inclusive, too, actively confronting negative stereotypes head-on.

At first, we were nervous: how would people feel about an estate agency claiming to offer an ethical business model? Wasn't the very idea oxymoronic? Didn't you need a 'pitbull in a suit' to achieve the best price?

The answer was a resounding no. Being open and transparent in our dealings with clients and buyers created an atmosphere of trust. And within that environment, we could negotiate between the parties from a position of confidence. It became clear that the collective belief in the process helped us to achieve outstanding outcomes.

We don't deliver great results despite our approach; we succeed because of it.

Rex Siney, Founder & Sales Director

As word has spread over the years, many people outside London have approached us, wanting Brickworks to help them with their move. Until now, we've said no - except in a few cases where we were familiar with the neighbourhood or had a personal connection to the area, like Brighton. We didn't want to bite off more than we could chew and risk damaging our hard-earned reputation for looking after our clients with dedication and care.

But now the time feels right. We have a wonderful –– and much larger –– team (it's not just me and Ellie anymore!), and many of them have ties to other parts of the country. Provided we know the area and feel we can add value, we will help people who want something different from the conventional high-street approach and are aligned with our values.

Because while the world has changed a lot in the past decade, estate agency remains much the same. Yes, some have improved their marketing and branding, but scratch the surface, and many of the poor practices persist. We are here for anyone who wants an authentic alternative with a proven track record of delivering – in London and now beyond.

Why the 'with'? Because wherever you are, if you sell with us, we're with you every step: humans, not salespeople, telling it straight and working with you collaboratively to give you the service you and your home deserve.