Preparing to sell your home: 5 things to consider

Words by

Rex Siney

When you’re ready to move, we’re here to make the process simple, stress-free, and dare we say it, even pleasurable. But before taking the first steps in getting to know you and what you’re looking to achieve, here are five things you may want to think about when it comes to selling.

1. Give your home a chance to shine

A well-presented home can typically add value of 10%, but here at Brickworks we’ve seen it count for a lot more. Selling your home is a busy time, so having a professional opinion and support around styling can reduce the pressure on you, and boost your home’s worth.

Time and time again our Studio team have seen homes left to go stale on the market be transformed by our team and go under offer in a weekend. We’re confident in our approach to style and renovation, and we know that bringing out your home’s best sides could be the difference between getting the best sale, and not getting a sale at all.

2. Small details can have a big impact

Sure, a clean and tidy home is needed when it’s going to be scrutinised, but it’s the details buyers notice. That’s why it’s worth going the extra mile with subtleties that create a look and feel that will win buyers over.

Whether you need a lick of paint in one room or a complete renovation, we focus on the finer points to enhance your home’s natural good looks. Adding key pieces of furniture from our extensive studio stores breathes life and personality into a home and helps inspire people to imagine themselves sitting in that kitchen, or relaxing in that lounge.

3. Through the buyer's eye – finish the DIY jobs

Think about your next home - do you want a DIY project or would you prefer the work was already finished? Often the thought of work, however small, can be off putting. Our team can help you identify the jobs that need to be done, running a quick maintenance check throughout to ensure taps, kitchen handles, windows and cupboard doors are functional. These are the things that, come viewing day, can make a world of difference to a buyer.

4. House doctoring – diagnosing the best treatment for your home

It can be a challenge to take a step back and view your home objectively. Think of our house doctoring service as an inexpensive way to give your home the TLC it deserves, ready to look its standout best. Following a visit from one of our interior stylists, you can expect a tailored and comprehensive list of recommendations that will ensure your home is in peak condition for selling.

5. Offer a window into your buyers future life

Buyers aren’t just buying a home, they’re buying into a lifestyle. Create a vision of what living in your house could be. Our specialist service will prepare each room, using light, soft furnishings and other props to set the scene of stylish living. And let’s not forget that the garden is a living space too. With our help you can sell this valuable area by clearing debris, ensuring grass is looking its best, and making a seating area look inviting.

Studio Brickworks offer services in interior design, home staging and house doctoring. Our dedicated team of interior stylists, designers and tradespeople work alongside the property team to optimise every corner of your house from every angle, so it’s ready for buyers to fall in love with.

Plus, you won’t need to worry about upfront costs or lots of admin, because the payment for these services come from the completion funds at the end of your sale. You can think of it as being all part of the service.

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